I am with myself, walking through gardens, rainforests, treading on stony paths. I watch the people around me, spending time together while I think about why I am alone. It’s okay that I am, but it’s heartbreaking too, the mistakes I’ve made creep in my mind, though I know this is where I’m meant to…


I’m not broken, just like shattered pieces miraculously come back togetherimproved upon by time and the wisdom of age.I’m not broken because my love was taken for granted,unaccepted, rejected,betrayed.I’m not broken because I took him back as I hoped for change,and it’s not my fault I was his prey,I can’t take that blame.and it’s not…


Know yourself, learn trust and forgiveness, mercy and boundaries for voices within, curiosity for what resides under your skin, acceptance for imperfection, learning slow lessons, gradual progression, kind evolution that you can take in, tenderness with heart and mind. Emily ©


My sister made me a rose quartz “wish necklace” and wrote me a beautiful note about what rose quartz signifies. Wearing something created with love helps me feel loved.


The past can wait, it’s had its due, rumination complete, for now I’m through, the missing gaps will have to wait, deflate, hibernate, dissipate, into the air where they belong, away from roots that remain too strong. Emily©


Love is not meant to be pain, even with growing pains, the feeling of another person looking out for you, and you, them – with pure honesty, stripped bare of preconceived notions, should be peaceful, lovely, fulfilling.


She’s content in this moment, troubles seem distant, at least for an instant she must give pause, appreciate a respite from all the noise. Emily©


I used to believe in destinations, that each new road could lead to peace, once I learned the newest lesson, once I learned to trust myself; Now I know the journey lasts as long as life itself, the destination is the road, and the path – acceptance. Emily©


Coasting isn’t the way, I know its path too well, when feeling overwhelmed by grief, whatever kind I choose, whatever kind bestowed on me, with blinders on and those I see, I can’t control the things I can’t, only the girl I choose to see in the mirror staring back at me. It is a…


Midheaven: Capricorn, makes sense to me, yet I say I don’t believe in astrology, my mood can change immediately, when sitting across from someone in need, no longer stuck in my head, I’m helping them instead, and it gives me the focus I need. When I’m with someone who makes me laugh, I can make…