Dripping slowly, depths unhealed Cracks opened and closed, renewed again, She’s almost immune to hoping for peace, leaves a space in her heart to welcome it. Emily C. Poésie © 2018 #whooshwrite23 crack, drip, space


Mirrors with voices society built, in the past now. She sees through her curves and bends the battle of wounds that still haven’t fully healed knowing they will with time, love, patience, given herself and by others; undressing slowly, she loves herself. Emily C. Poésie © 2018 JiltedVerse 31 guide words: curved flesh, defined essence,…


Enter my soul, not my mind. Enter my heart, not my doubts. Enter my body, careful now; it’s volatile, passionate ground. Emily © guide phrase: “enter my mind”


We touch, can’t explain away, doubt melts in your arms, momentarily. When gone, corners of my mind awake, seek old patterns to remake, push forward just a little more, see which path our steps will take. Emily © guide words: soul rising wandering minds hidden corners


Love’s seduction, declared then lost in moments, a poet’s muse, cursed lament, left to wonder where time went, chasing the past, wishing it sent into the present, same fragile hearts, with new time spent, break over again. Emily © SenseWrds 362


Tears escaped her eyes, unwavering from their trance, a dance of beautiful love and pain, the touch of his hands on her face, wiping the droplets softly away. Emily© Photo credit: Chepko via Getty Images

Whiskey Night 

Irish whiskey, ginger ale, loosened our tongues, our inner passion, without threat of escape. You beguiled me – I wished to believe a true connection, after a risque and fast seduction, but once the buzz wore off, found it was only in my mind. Emily©


Gray covered skies, light rain, wind howling, a reminder the earth has its moods, not to be changed, accepted in their beauty, open to the sun peeking through Emily © Photo Credit: Anthony Murray


Demons took their form as a child, believing all I was told Imaginary, as now I see they are us, them, others, humans Reminiscence for belief, maybe then my heart could better mend Emily ©


Passion – unexplained by logic, eyes and lips connect, potential, down to our marrow, consuming abandon Emily ©