Hope felt today, brave men and women, fought against hatred and won, strides made that cannot be undone, hate has no place in the hearts of man, and where it resides, let it be rewritten, let it be smitten, omitted, forgotten. Emily © Photo Credit: Unknown 


In my microworld, I influence change through listening and love, practicing daily, challenging the space where clickbait reigns Emily ©

Greed is Not Love

In bed at 7, my mind needs to sleep Tasks today have been difficult, weak My head feels foggy, it’s hard to think Knowing in the background the anchor sinks. I want to pull it up, that takes energy Fight through the pain of another tragedy Keep my voice high among a billion screams Feel…

The Human Condition

Today I listened, I felt the culmination of what it would’ve meant for a man to be without treatment, saw the worry on his face, the sadness in his eyes, felt the purity of honesty in his speech, his willingness and need to feel human connection, like a sponge needs water, this man has been…


Strength in its forms, seen and unseen Falsely interpreted lines that are drawn Seen through lenses that send the wrong message Power, control, or something more gnawing Blissfully unaware, in its tearing apart of the human heart Leaving it raw and bare, or stone cold like an inner nightmare Where screams are unheard and a…


Two years ago a boy washed up on the shore, his picture circulating as a reminder that forgetting was not a luxury we could have of the tragedies others face while we lie comfortable in our beds, while we hug our families and have no fear of being separated, ripped apart, but because we don’t…

Luna and Early Morning Thoughts

Luna woke me up again, she’s our honorary infant, she needs a lot of attention and doesn’t like being alone in the living room where her tree is, yet she won’t jump up on the bed and snuggle with any of us either, so what is required to get her calmed down is a little…

Second Life

Leaving Mormonism after being devout all my life, left me floundering in some ways to find my identity, but after a little over a decade, I’m happy with where the search is taking me.


“There’s a lot of things
I don’t understand
Why so many people lie
It’s the hurt I hide that fuels
The fire inside me”