opening doors within, revealing soul and mind, floodgates already full, listening for one who answers the call, of what has been buried with time, afraid to lose it all; be still my waters. Emily©


How did he wish to be remembered? It was written all over his deeds, he wished to consume the world with his greed, leaving nothing for those in need. Emily©


They both attempted redemption from burden of sin, played their roles and taught us ours, soon learning truth was once a feast, and now a meager wafer, those subjected to live the lies of others, not glowing with freedom preached, imprisoned in delicate grey skin. Emily©

Winter Rain

Winter rain beats down, longed for, a reminder the sky cries too, this golden state not all smiles as portrayed, still, it’s where I want to be, my home away from family, a place of hope amongst storms, the sun peeks through the clouds. Emily©


Inner emptiness fed her need, waves of intense energy, eyes that pierce through timeless lies, predict the future, love’s demise Looking in her crooked mirror, wondering who she can become, how to temper roaring flames, leash her long, voracious tongue. Emily© prompt: gluttony


She thinks she knows her masks herself and all her depths deceived, no puzzle solved new pieces shown her flesh and bones engrained inside her wary soul. prompt: “masks”


She paused, aware of danger, this juncture, stepping into unknown. Emily © prompt: “juncture”


Harmonious souls, seeking the knowing of more, learning as time flies. Emily © prompt: “Harmony”


It was in the loss of control she found her high, rules given to others who cared, not her, when her soul lays bare, she attempts its containment, knowing a call will beckon again, to release, feel, give in. Emily © prompt: “Control”


Satin wind upon her skin, release in nature guiding her, accepting as she is, a mess of hair, unaware, she sees beauty in the madness. Emily © prompt: “satin wind”