I’m supposed to let go of control over things I cannot force, but I feel responsible for all the same. I seek a higher power for the first time in years, wondering why some are so sure they hear one. I can only imagine one in nature because of the peace that comes from a…


I’m not proud of myself for becoming like them;addicted to tiny blips of self-gratification,vacant validation.I have lamented my losses,burned countless bridges,all for the sake of self-protection.I wonder if I have it in meto see what someone offers,accept it gratefully. Then I remember.I don’t feel entitled to be a bitch,despite subjection to tinyand massive heartbreaks. Is it so…

Let Down

I let you down despite my best attempts said words I can’t unsay phrases I can’t take back confused by life as it seemed haunted by past regrets petrified by my fears I couldn’t be what you needed you told me time and again I was enough, but felt torn down the middle heart stolen…

The Melancholy Spitfire

When I started blogging in 2011, my first blog title was ‘The Melancholy Spitfire’. I didn’t write much on that blog, and took a long break after deleting it. I regret that I did, I had some good entries there, now lost forever. When I mustered up the courage to start another blog, I named…


Mirrors with voices society built, in the past now. She sees through her curves and bends the battle of wounds that still haven’t fully healed knowing they will with time, love, patience, given herself and by others; undressing slowly, she loves herself. Emily C. Poésie © 2018 JiltedVerse 31 guide words: curved flesh, defined essence,…


Know yourself, learn trust and forgiveness, mercy and boundaries for voices within, curiosity for what resides under your skin, acceptance for imperfection, learning slow lessons, gradual progression, kind evolution that you can take in, tenderness with heart and mind. Emily ©


I’m about to get dark, not in my usual way, with vague comments on my life, dim complexities, I’m about to dive in with why I write with this pen, it’s a theme, a trend, a coping mechanism, but not just that, a replacement of something gruesome and painful, a habit hateful and shameful, hidden…


I just want to feel clean, whatever that means, free from my sins, the trouble they bring, try to wash away all the stains, even then, they hardly fade, a stark reminder if a slip is made, when the rain pours down in brilliant spades. Emily ©


The assumption that just because I’m passionate, I have no qualms or reservations, free as a bird with no net, should the wing be clipped. Emily ©


Signed the paper today to restore my name, had yours on borrowed time, took it on when the time came, believing in what it meant, seemed a silly fantasy, at least that’s what I’ll say, after the chips fell wherever they willed, It’s been too long since having mine. Emily©