Winter Rain

Winter rain beats down, longed for, a reminder the sky cries too, this golden state not all smiles as portrayed, still, it’s where I want to be, my home away from family, a place of hope amongst storms, the sun peeks through the clouds. Emily©


My sister made me a rose quartz “wish necklace” and wrote me a beautiful note about what rose quartz signifies. Wearing something created with love helps me feel loved.


The past can wait, it’s had its due, rumination complete, for now I’m through, the missing gaps will have to wait, deflate, hibernate, dissipate, into the air where they belong, away from roots that remain too strong. Emily©


I. Honesty over silence, a double edged sword, sometimes words are overkill and don’t do enough to explain how sorry you are. II. It’s easy, when someone has hurt me, to write incessantly, my depths of pain seem abysmal cycles repeating, if by my hand fully, even more so, a conundrum with self, my biggest…


I. my fresh starts,rebirths,resolutions,revolve aroundmy love for you,and hopefully me too. II. time rushes when love is blooming,an hourglass above it looming renewed or turned, one cannot know,only hope it will be so beseech the gods orFather Time,there is no reason, only rhyme. III. traditions,rituals forfeitedfor the sake of freedom,a celebration of self,version incomplete. IV….


Practice makes imperfect, I don’t want to be perfect, weather fair or stormy skies, I know what causes my demise, bury what’s there, wait for an opportune time to remind me I’m walking uphill while in this body and mind, don’t feel sorry for me, it’s life, accepted. Emily ©


She knew her tongue was wild and free, knew of times it shouldn’t be, force like a wind propelling words forward, when faced with uncertainty, her defense, strength, gift, curse, blessed curse it be. Emily©


Us, willing to fall, knowing who we are, accepting it, taking steps toward what we’ve craved all along; sweet love. Emily©


fear, when given a voice and a listening ear, has no power. Emily©


Love is not meant to be pain, even with growing pains, the feeling of another person looking out for you, and you, them – with pure honesty, stripped bare of preconceived notions, should be peaceful, lovely, fulfilling.