Love is not meant to be pain, even with growing pains, the feeling of another person looking out for you, and you, them – with pure honesty, stripped bare of preconceived notions, should be peaceful, lovely, fulfilling.


She’s content in this moment, troubles seem distant, at least for an instant she must give pause, appreciate a respite from all the noise. Emily©


I used to believe in destinations, that each new road could lead to peace, once I learned the newest lesson, once I learned to trust myself; Now I know the journey lasts as long as life itself, the destination is the road, and the path – acceptance. Emily©


Faded as I shouldn’t be, my principles seek clarity, my heart can’t take the pain I’ve felt in recent days, months, years, decades; it compounds when each new loss is felt, opening wounds once thought mended, knowing it’s a ruse to believe; moving on should be easy. Emily©


I saw him today, my best friend of a decade, now strangers making small talk, unknown to each other, still a father to my daughter, no longer my lover, all long since passed, deep seated anger, hurt at what transpired, rebuilding my empire; a tiny cottage. Emily©


Churning rumination, incomplete creations, tapestries weaving in my mind, attempting the filling of gaps where no thread is offered, there are no answers, closure won’t come, my dreams take over where reality did, a buffer to accept the end. Emily©

Cloak and Dagger

I. You came back to me, second chances are one thing, but expecting me to bend completely to your expectations was a distorted fantasy. I couldn’t give a pound of flesh for a vulnerability, so you did what you did originally – Left me. II. You didn’t leave with courage, you left a coward, after…


Tears escaped her eyes, unwavering from their trance, a dance of beautiful love and pain, the touch of his hands on her face, wiping the droplets softly away. Emily© Photo credit: Chepko via Getty Images

My Girl

She is the reason I breathe, why I need to thrive and push on, she showed me love I had never known, ’til I held her in my naive arms, I have her, and in that, there is focus and peace. Emily ©


Not in a good place, when I isolate, my safe space to protect from shattering, under the pressure of years of struggle, mixed in with survival, not all bad, I’m just tired, and deep down I still wonder, if I’m just too hurt. Emily ©