She’s content in this moment, troubles seem distant, at least for an instant she must give pause, appreciate a respite from all the noise. Emily©


Coasting isn’t the way, I know its path too well, when feeling overwhelmed by grief, whatever kind I choose, whatever kind bestowed on me, with blinders on and those I see, I can’t control the things I can’t, only the girl I choose to see in the mirror staring back at me. It is a…


I have strength inside me yet – walls were climbed, placed in front of me repeatedly, some handled less than gracefully, unwilling to decide it was my time to give up, even when I felt others give up on me, their rejection and abandonment I needed to see, not always about me, complex matters causing…


Accepting love can be challenging when chasing has brought nothing Denial and sabotage That I am really loved I have to try to break my chains of fear and pain Each journey forward and slip back a reminder, I am healing Emily ©


In my microworld, I influence change through listening and love, practicing daily, challenging the space where clickbait reigns Emily ©