Mirrors with voices society built, in the past now. She sees through her curves and bends the battle of wounds that still haven’t fully healed knowing they will with time, love, patience, given herself and by others; undressing slowly, she loves herself. Emily C. Poésie © 2018 JiltedVerse 31 guide words: curved flesh, defined essence,…


“Stay happy honey”, he says after rejecting a proposition to his place, he misses our “adventures”, only body-to-body ones. I respond: Happiness is a process, not a destination, tends to grow when heard and truly seen. Good luck, and by the way, don’t call me honey. Emily ©


Know yourself, learn trust and forgiveness, mercy and boundaries for voices within, curiosity for what resides under your skin, acceptance for imperfection, learning slow lessons, gradual progression, kind evolution that you can take in, tenderness with heart and mind. Emily ©


I’m about to get dark, not in my usual way, with vague comments on my life, dim complexities, I’m about to dive in with why I write with this pen, it’s a theme, a trend, a coping mechanism, but not just that, a replacement of something gruesome and painful, a habit hateful and shameful, hidden…


Daily she reminds herself she is worthy of love, in this at least, she presses forward, able to receive from the one who offers freely, the one who calls her sweetheart. Emily ©


Us, willing to fall, knowing who we are, accepting it, taking steps toward what we’ve craved all along; sweet love. Emily©


She’s content in this moment, troubles seem distant, at least for an instant she must give pause, appreciate a respite from all the noise. Emily©


I won’t assume it’s his loss, just say it’s a shame, passion once wild, burned with orange red flame, now embers inside me, dying painfully, slowly, no fuel to revive. Emily©

Young Hearts

I. Teenage love, a daughter’s plight to get to speak to a boy, not right for her in my protective eyes. I see the bigger picture, one slip now and mudslides later, young love is fleeting, lessons will be learned – I wish her stronger than me without the burns. II. He sends you flower…


I miss you, I do, just can’t be consumed by you all in one night, knowing I won’t see you for months at a time, your booze fueled words denied the next day, can’t be the rug sweeper you want me to be, despite the burning you incited in me. Emily©