I’ll join societies of poets, read in front of crowds, author books with lovely art drawn by my daughter’s hand, take pictures through varied lenses of newly opened eyes, feel life, love, sadness, express it as I know it. Emily ©

One Way

intimacy to you, a language of signals whenever it suits your theme, your message, a one-way gram, no answer expected or wanted; you’re in control it seems, unless I just leave. Emily ©


unashamed of her past flames, dying down as often as they may, on a path of equilibrium from all the pain, the joy she feels from day to day, she doesn’t want to be changed, not in the usual way, but through fires of passion and love. Emily ©


I read beautiful, haunting lines each day, perspectives on humanity, love lost and gained, then lost again, ink bleeding through electronic pens, treading past comforting walls, into the cesspools of the damned, to see their hate filled battle cries, I’ll stay right where I am. Emily ©


How did he wish to be remembered? It was written all over his deeds, he wished to consume the world with his greed, leaving nothing for those in need. Emily©


Love alfresco – desire, passion, fire, attention, dry, gone by sunset. Emily©


The        f         a           l             l              e                n                  are just versions of ourselves after giving up the fight. Emily©