Slip and Slide

November 13, 2015 Fate called and I answered to tragedy building grief overwhelming guilt still feeling boundaries instilling leading and wielding my strength shielding others briefly, until they shielded me Emily © Photo Credit: Game of Thrones

Forgotten Woman

Head down, weighted suitcase, she walks across the street slowly, while I’m in my car driving to get groceries, and maybe I can’t afford everything, but she has been forgotten by society, I feel my heart cinching, the tears begin stinging, as defeat seems to take us both. Emily ©


I’m not over what only gradually erases from my view, only to lie underneath, where it simmers and stews. Emily © prompt: over


I miss the ones that got away, the ones I pushed too far, but those are few and far between compared to those who left me scarred. Emily ©


Thinking back on all the times she shed her soul to those in sight, believing it was worth the fight, while still hiding parts away; She couldn’t be as strong as them, in moments where there were true tests, so she just moved onto the next, in hopes she’d learn someday. Emily ©


Notes passed in class, rainbow handwriting, now dull, distracted thumbs. Emily ©


chances are given to those who have burned something deep inside my soul even if its mysteries can’t be told that must be the pull like glimmer of gold; don’t dare give a glimpse of what I need just to turn about run away recede come calling again now sorry – you’re much too late….


We don’t need time machines, our souls tell ancient, buried things, they ripple to the surface when lessons there remain. Emily© inpoems 534


Can’t explain some things about my thinking, still feel deep seated, passionate feelings, seek explanations, may not exist, this is my life, my albatross. Emily ©


Signed the paper today to restore my name, had yours on borrowed time, took it on when the time came, believing in what it meant, seemed a silly fantasy, at least that’s what I’ll say, after the chips fell wherever they willed, It’s been too long since having mine. Emily©