opening doors within, revealing soul and mind, floodgates already full, listening for one who answers the call, of what has been buried with time, afraid to lose it all; be still my waters. Emily©


it’s not that I’m angry, it’s more than that, hanging onto words that had no depth, digging for truth, receiving halves, baited into opening up about my true feelings of love, while you sit comfy where you’re at, playing girls as pawns …try honesty for once. Emily©


all you had to do was open up down to your veins, lay bare while I absorbed you, without running away, stay because you were free nobody else being deceived, just us in all our raw glory, …was that too much to ask? Emily©


When words are said in heat of passion, intentions not to act upon them, time and again caught up in hope what was spoken was true, if only used for selfish reasons, some romantic ruse, then please be banished from my life, I will not be used. Emily ©


I wish secrets to lose their intriguing mystique, be brought out in the light where they’ll shrivel and shrink, from pressure, exposed, it’s not what you think, the weight of the truth unresolved. Emily ©


I read beautiful, haunting lines each day, perspectives on humanity, love lost and gained, then lost again, ink bleeding through electronic pens, treading past comforting walls, into the cesspools of the damned, to see their hate filled battle cries, I’ll stay right where I am. Emily ©


How did he wish to be remembered? It was written all over his deeds, he wished to consume the world with his greed, leaving nothing for those in need. Emily©


I wish I could erase your pain help you feel at ease, I try, but I cannot provide exactly what you need, torn between ideals and cruel reality, all I know to say is that you’re home, your place is here with me. Emily©


They both attempted redemption from burden of sin, played their roles and taught us ours, soon learning truth was once a feast, and now a meager wafer, those subjected to live the lies of others, not glowing with freedom preached, imprisoned in delicate grey skin. Emily©

Winter Rain

Winter rain beats down, longed for, a reminder the sky cries too, this golden state not all smiles as portrayed, still, it’s where I want to be, my home away from family, a place of hope amongst storms, the sun peeks through the clouds. Emily©