The Melancholy Spitfire

When I started blogging in 2011, my first blog title was ‘The Melancholy Spitfire’. I didn’t write much on that blog, and took a long break after deleting it. I regret that I did, I had some good entries there, now lost forever. When I mustered up the courage to start another blog, I named…


Searing, unforgettable, these are the ones that clench your soul, show you worlds unseen in others’ eyes, puzzling, and dazzling at the same time, leave their mark, then tend to leave, I label “him” he labels “me”. Emily¬©


I miss you, I do, just can’t be consumed by you all in one night, knowing I won’t see you for months at a time, your booze fueled words denied the next day, can’t be the rug sweeper you want me to be, despite the burning you incited in me. Emily¬©

Second Life

Leaving Mormonism after being devout all my life, left me floundering in some ways to find my identity, but after a little over a decade, I’m happy with where the search is taking me.